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What Are the Risks of Spaying During Heat?

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      Female dogs and cats whose owners have no intention of breeding them should be spayed. The surgical procedure, similar to a hysterectomy in humans, involves removing the uterus and ovaries. Although there are some added risks to spaying while the animal is in heat, especially in dogs, they do not preclude the operation. Spaying may also be done on pregnant animals. There is more time involved in such surgeries, and the cost of the procedure may increase. If it is not known if the animal is pregnant at the time of the spay, whether the vet should continue if unborn litters are found during surgery should be discussed beforehand.

    Reasons for Spaying

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      Besides not bringing unwanted litters into the world, there are other benefits to spaying dogs and cats. One is a reduction in the incidence of mammary breast cancer, which is increased by the level of estrogen supplied by the ovaries. Another is pyometra, in which the uterus becomes infected. Pyometra is often life-threatening. Uterine cancer is also avoided. Generally, spayed female cats and dogs enjoy better overall health. Cats may be spayed from the age of two months onward, while the majority of vets spay dogs starting at six months of age.

    Spaying the Cat During Heat

    • According to veterinarians at the Mount Rose Animal Hospital, it is possible to spay a cat during its heat cycle. During heat, the uterus is more blood-engorged and thus larger. Surgery may take longer during the heat cycle than for a normal spay. Because of this, spaying the cat during heat may cost more than the average spay. Felines spayed while in heat may have to stay overnight at the veterinary office, rather than going home the same day as in general spays. Complications are rare, but surgery always has risks.

    Spaying the Dog in Heat

    • Although many veterinarians will spay a dog while she is in heat, most prefer to wait until the heat cycle is over. The reason for this is an increase in the possibility of hemorrhaging during the surgery due to the engorgement of the reproductive organs. A better time for spaying is about a month after the heat cycle ends. However, if there is a danger that the dog may become pregnant, vets will discuss with owners the pros and cons of spaying during the heat cycle.

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