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Fibrosarcoma in Dogs & Mouth Cancer


    • Fibrosarcoma is a type of cancer that is often found in the mouths of younger dogs. These tumors can be invasive but have a low rate of spreading to other areas. According to, the metastatic rate for fibrosarcoma is approximately 10 percent to 20 percent. Fibrosarcoma is most commonly seen in the upper jaw but may be found inlower jaw as well. Other types of fibrosarcoma may develop from connective tissue of the skull, spine, ribs and pelvis.


    • The symptoms of fibrosarcoma and mouth cancer in dogs may include a visible tumor on the gums or jaw, foul breath odor, loss of appetite, lethargy and fatigue. Dogs that have this type of mouth cancer also may experience bleeding or hemorrhage from the mouth and gums. This may make the dog reluctant to eat because of the discomfort in the mouth.


    • Veterinarians are not certain what may cause a fibrosarcoma to form in a dog's mouth. Fibrosarcoma is a relatively rare tumor, seen most commonly in the mouths of younger dogs, but it can affect any breed of dog at any age.


    • Your veterinarian will perform a physical as well as an oral examination of your dog. Certain diagnostic tests such as X-rays of the area affected, chest X-rays, a urinalysis, a CBC (complete blood count), and a biochemistry profile may be performed in order to confirm the diagnosis of fibrosarcoma. These tests also may be helpful in determining the type of tumor that is present and the stage of disease.


    • Surgical removal is recommended for fibrosarcoma in the mouth. According to, this type of tumor usually requires a resection (removal) of the bone that is affected. The veterinarian may prescribe pain medication as well as radiation therapy. Chemotherapy is used to treat fibrosarcoma that has spread to other areas of the body.


    • The prognosis for dogs with fibrosarcoma and mouth cancer is generally good. Dogs that have the entire tumor removed often live an average of one to two years after treatment because fibrosarcoma does not usually spread quickly, states

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