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How to Train a Flushing Dog

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      You cannot train a dog to flush if it is gun shy.Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images

      Habituate your dog to the sound of gun fire. You cannot have a good flushing dog that is gun shy. Gradually introduce loud noises. At meal time, make a lot of noise as you prepare your dog's dinner by banging the food bowl, slamming the door or rattling the storage bin. Then feed the dog. By doing so your dog will start associating loud noises with something positive as being fed. Gradually, introduce louder noises such as banging two pot lids together before feeding, and then upgrade by having a friend fire from a distance. Diminish the distance gradually, but do not rush it.

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      You must train your flushing dog to be under control.Jupiterimages/ Images

      Train your dog some basic obedience. You cannot have your flushing dog wandering alone, out of control and not responding to your recall command. This can ultimately cause your dog to become a menace to you and other hunters. Introduce your dog to some commands that will be helpful in the field. All flushing dogs should know the "fetch" command, "whoa" (which means stop, do not move), "hup" (which means stop, sit), "come around" (which means turn when quartering) and "hie on" (which sends a dog to hunt).

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      Retrieving is an essential part of training flushing dog.Jupiterimages/liquidlibrary/Getty Images

      Train your flushing dog to retrieve using a bird wing. Head to a hallway, toss the bird wing and then call your dog to you clapping your hands and walking backwards to encourage him. As he gets good at this, work in your yard and then try in an open field. If you wish, you can further train using a spaniel whistle. Make two short toots to ask your dog to turn while quartering. Make one sharp toot to tell your dog to hup. Use one long trill to tell your dog to come in to you with or without a retrieve.

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      All bird dogs are naturally ''birdy'.'Jupiterimages/liquidlibrary/Getty Images

      Get your dog very interested in birds. Using the bird wing, hide it around and have your dog use its sense of smell to look for it. Attach the bird wing to a fishing pole and dangle it in front of him. When he catches it, use the command "give" so he can release it on command. Dog breeds bred for flushing should have a natural interest in birds.

    • 5). Train your flushing dog to quarter. Quartering means walking ahead of the gunner while ranging back and forth. Encourage your dog to therefore walk in front of you. If he ends behind you, turn around the other way. He should soon learn that ahead of you is his place. Test him by making two short toots with your whistle and turning around. He should come towards you and get ahead of you.

    • 6). Expose your dog to a bird to encourage flushing. Flushing dogs are not meant to point game as other bird dogs. Their main point is to flush the birds out of their hiding spots. Place a bird distant on the field and then practice with your dog. Ask your dog to quarter working him from an area so the wind is coming to his nose. Upon sensing the bird he will naturally flush it. Make the hunting sessions enthusiastic for a motivated and eager to please flushing dog.

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